Terasic DE5-Net Empowers OpenCL Compilation on FPGA

We are pleased to announce that Terasic DE5-Net board has been officially certified as Altera Preferred Board for OpenCL! 

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Intel Award Winners Announced for the 2013 Cornell Cup USA!

The Intel Cornell Cup USA has announced the winners for 2013’s electronics design competition, which utilized the Terasic DE2i-150 . The event features teams from all over the country, featuring nearly every aspect of innovative embedded systems, such as intelligent home appliances, radar imaging systems, and much more. In order to enhance the fairness of the competition, all reviews were completed “blind,” which meant that student names, universities, and advisors were hidden from judges. Teams were comprised of 3 to 5 undergraduate and masters students.

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Terasic to Release New Educational Resources for Development and Education Boards

Since Terasic was established in 2003, the number one priority of the board-design company has always been to revolutionize the educational landscape of digital logic design by taking laboratory and on-hands training to the next level. With the release of the Development and Education (DE) Series, ranging from the tiny Cyclone DE0-Nano development board to high-end Stratix DE5-Net development board, the DE series includes an impressive feature-set that satisfies virtually every educational requirement. Unlike prior kits, the release of the DE boards heavily emphasized real-world applications, taking laboratory classes beyond just operating LEDs and switches and into practical development with multimedia, industrial communication, and networking.

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Altera Announces a New Partnership with Terasic as Global Kit Reseller

Altera Corporation (Nasdaq: ALTR) has announced that Terasic Technologies, Inc., is now an official Altera Global Kit Reseller, giving Terasic the capability to market and distribute all Altera official development kits. Altera’s development kits comprise of programmable hardware design solutions that span the entire Altera family, including the low-power, cost-efficient MAX CPLDs up to top-of-the-line Stratix FPGAs.

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