Release of Teaching Materials for the Altera DE2 Board

We would like to inform you about some major new developments in the teaching materials provided for Altera's DE2 Development and Education board. We hope that you have had a chance to experiment with your DE2 board, or perhaps have gone ahead and established a teaching laboratory using this board at your school. Since we introduced the DE2 board earlier this year, DE2 teaching laboratories have been set up at more than 100 universities.

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Highly Esitmation from Industrial Development Bureau and the Enrollees

On 28th September, Industrial Development Bureau visits Terasic Technologies in order to make an inspection of the opening of the courses and of the responses from the enrollees. According to Industrial Development Bureau, they are very impressed by the situation that most of the courses held by Terasic Technologies are bumped and more rounds are requested. In addition, comparing to other courses, it is very extraordinary that most of the enrollees are senior experienced RD from many notable companies in Taiwan. Thirdly, the enrollees' estimation and approval of the courses held by Terasic Technologies exceed to the extent of “extremely good”. Moreover, many senior RD indicate that Terasic Technologies releases and explains the source code to the public greatly shortens the time of developing their products.

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University of Michigan Ann Arbor used Altera DE2 to design an electone

In the beginning of 2006, the digital IC lab of University of Michigan Ann Arbor has set up dozens of Altera DE2 platform for each undergraduate student to operate one board; the lab intends to cultivate their outstanding students via the powerful multimedia platform.
In the following clips, it is the course, An Introduction to Computing Systems, for freshman. The class is divided into 8 groups and each group has to produce an electone on their own by using Altera DE2 platform for the final projects.

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Altera DE2 Boards are Adopted by Altera Important Contests

Altera DE2 Boards are used by 400 participants grouped into 125 teams in Altera Electric Design Contest in Hubei and Shaanxi Province of China and also China's regional contest of Altera Nios® II Embedded Processor Design Contest 2006. Many key universities in China have expressed that the powerful multimedia design of DE2 and the ready-made professional reference design and IP lead the participants directly to concentrate on the design of the core instead of spending time in developing those IP.

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Big Customer Wins for 2005 – Altera, TSMC, Northrop Grumman, Sunplus

Big Customer Wins for 2005 - Altera, TSMC, Northrop Grumman, Sunplus, Himax, UTECHZONE. Terasic's products successfully penetrated the market with more than 500 new customer wins including major orders from many top universities and word-leading design houses. Terasic received highest recommendation from many customers.

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